Twins' Creative Lab Online Viennoiserie Class - Recorded session

Twins' Creative Lab Online Viennoiserie Class - Recorded session

Come and join the Twins - Chef Alexis Bouillet and Chef Manuel Bouillet and learn how to make amazing and delicious Viennoiserie.


Fee: $185 Singapore dollar


You will learn how to make 6 different Viennoiserie:

1. Golden Snitch

2. Tayberry Bostock

3. Guava Flower

4. Chocolate Twist

5. Cocoa Chausson

6. Choco-Cointreau Brioche


About the Twins


Chef Manuel Bouillet

French dessert chef Manuel Bouillet has shown great enthusiasm for desserts since he was 7 years old a child. He started his own dessert road at the age of 15 and studied for 4 years. 
After graduation, Manuel worked at FAUCHON, a well-known dessert shop in Paris.
Then moved to « Un Dimanche à Paris » as à Sous chef then Executive chef. 
Then it was time for new adventures outside of France. 

For 5 years he has been working for different French pastry shops and then for the Chicago Chocolate Academy with Cacao Barry. Then Chef Manuel worked as an executive chef of Shanghai Lefeng French Culinary Institute, and taught French desserts.


Starting in 2020, Chef Manuel and his brother Alexis have co-created Twins’ Creative Lab. They will conduct dessert teaching and research and brand consulting services.


Chef Alexis Bouillet

Alexis is originally from Normandie (France). At just five years old, his grandmother taught him and his twin brother Manuel how to bake his first chocolate cake, and from that moment he told himself that he would like to be a successful pastry chef. Years later, with the BTM pastry diploma in his pocket, he only had in mind to go to Paris, and he did it with the help of Christophe Michalak, one of his most outstanding mentors, in the Plaza Athénée Hotel. Throughout his great career, he has also worked in Taipei with big names like Frank Haasnoot and Yannick Alléno.

In 2011, Alexis won the prestigious World Pastry Champion - WorldSkills competition in London.

Since the end of 2017, he has started a new challenge as an international Pastry Consultant for privates training, demonstrations and Masterclasses all around the world. At the same time, he joined to Escape From Paris Sweet Lab team and continuing the creation of new pastries for Taiwanese market. Now since 2020, a new chapter has began with his twin brother Manuel Bouillet, opening “Twins’ Creative Lab” in Taipei "

  • Terms & Conditions:

    • PDF recipe and Zoom link will be emailed one day after registration

    • Strictly no refund 

    • Recording is available for viewing for 2 months