Chef Alberto Bernardi Panettone Online Class - Recorded Session

Chef Alberto Bernardi Panettone Online Class - Recorded Session

Finally, the long awaited Panettone class is here. We are proud to host Chef Alberto Bernardi, the renowed Panettone Master Baker, to share with us the tips and technique for baking a good Panettone.


We know baking a good Panettone requires a good Pasta Madre and step-by-step process. We want YOU to be successful and hence we are breaking the class into 3 different sessions:


1. Introduction to Pasta Madre 

2. Q&A sessions
3. Panettone mixing 


Cost: $170 Singapore Dollar


To join the class, here are the pre-requisites to take note before you register the class. These are importants to have in order to bake a successful Panettone:

  1.  Experienced with a natural starter (liquid or solid sourdough) and of course to have a natural starter (or at least you can get from your friend);
  2. A strong and stable white flour (japanese or italian flour), about 13 - 14% protein;
    - Super Melanger from Nogami Milling
    - Toku Utamaro from Torigo
    - Murasaki Botan from Japan
  3. A good mixer/professional planetary which can mix easily a stiff dough with a 40/45% hydration;
  4. A wine cellar or something similar in order to maintain daily pastamadre at controlled temperatures (16/20degrees)


  • Terms & Conditions:

    • Please read the above pre-requisites requirement
    • PDF recipe will be sent out one day after registration

    • Strictly no refund on purchase of recorded session

    • Recording is available for viewing for 2 months after the registration